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As a qualified Photographer, Screen & Media (Filming & Television), Events Coordinator & Manager, Project Management. I work in a diverse team in the different variety of industries from Film Productions, Make-Up, Photographers, Home Demolitions & Renovations. As I grew up working in Home Demolitions & Renovations from a young age, then moved into films and photography where my career and passion grows every day and still have my skills in Demolitions & Renovations. With a creative mind and eye.


2018 Sydney Film Festival – Sydney, Australia (Official Selection)
2018 Travelling Film Festival – Huskisson, Australia
2019 World Of Women Film Fair Middle East Film Festival, Dubai

What do I do in FILM, WORKSHOPS?

2015 – Joined CuriousWorks mid-year, working on a feature film Myth, and running a workshop with two lead artists as a translator and second artist for Refugees and Asylum Seekers alongside CuriousWorks and SSI.

2016 – As an Artist I had my first work Exhibited in Casula Powerhouse for Beyond Refugee: Citizens. Running a workshop as Second Lead Artist for Refugees and Asylum Seekers alongside CuriousWorks and SSI.

2017 – I worked on a Feature Film as a Extra and Producers Assistant alongside two Directors George Basha and David Field, Movie ‘THE COMBINATION REDEMPTION’ screening in cinemas in February 2019. I was also working on two Web Series as a Actress, 2nd Assistant Director, First Aid, Extra, and few other roles. Lead Artist Refugees and Asylum Seekers alongside CuriousWorks and a high school in Fairfield IEC.
Join Theatre in Fairfield PYT which I did over a year every Monday Nights with showings every term.

2018 – I have Written, Directed, Acted (One of my short films) two short films, both which are based in true events. ‘TIP OF MY TONGUE’ was selected in Sydney Film Festival which was Screened in June 2018 then in August in Travelling Film Festival. ‘TRINITY’ was filmed towards the end of the year and would be showcased in 2019 sometime.

Join Theatre in Fairfield PYT in the second year which was every Monday Nights with showings every term. As well as teaching as a Lead Artist in filmmaking for 14 weeks once a week for 2 hours with Support Class at a High School alongside CuriousWorks and teaching Drama in another High School for students who recently came to Australia alongside PYT Fairfield

I have appeared in few short films over the years, feature film and had worked on set with the crew and cast. I have interests in Film Production, Producer, Assistant Director, Director, Actress, and Unit Still Photographer.


2015 – I did three months internship with Liverpool City Council, NSW, Australia which studying Diploma of Events as well as doing: Liverpool Night Markets, New Year’s Eve (end of 2015), Spring Expo

2016 – I have worked with Liverpool City Council for about a year working on Multiple Events like: Australia Day, Spring Expo, Liverpool Night Markets, Carnes Hill Night Market and another event in Carnes Hill.

What do I do in PHOTOGRAPHY?
Well I do portrait, landscape, modelling, family portraits, birthdays, family, outdoors activities, new born, behind the scenes in films and other special occasions. By capturing every moment would put a smile on someone’s face that would make me feel proud and what I had achieved.

About Samia Halabi: She is outgoing, smart, honest, reliable, a good communicator, funny, loving, caring, hardworking, motivated, active, and a quiet achiever with a great personality. I have extensive experience with managing projects through my work, studies and helping others, and my own use of wise time – management. I always put in 100% into my work.
She is always organized, well time management, always on top of things, highly organized, punctual, adept communicator; she is hard working, dedicated person with great attitude. I show extraordinarily, high level of commitment towards my work and to the project. Every day I would be testing my strengths.